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What I'm doing now

Updated on 19th of September 2023, from Porto, Portugal.

Join my biggest project yet! 😱

Melinda Yeoh Art Project365 A Drawing A Day

Project365 A Drawing A Day starts September 20 2023.

And I’m inviting you to be part of it.

As per the project’s name, for one year/365 days, I’ll do a drawing a day and share it publicly.

If you want to, there are three ways you can follow the project’s development. 

1. Via my mailing list, Mel’s Art List. As this art list is for exclusive early access to new works and updates, I will only send you a once a month update with some of my daily drawings for that month. Subscribe here.

2. Via my personal newsletter, HopeMail. Subscribe for free here. I will send you a very short daily email, just a drawing & caption. It would be nice to receive an email with a drawing amid your work-heavy emails? Anyway, you could always unsubscribe anytime. 

3. Via my Instagram. You can follow me here. The thing with Instagram is, the posts might not appear on your feed. It depends on Instagram’s algorithm. 

Cheer me on, thanks! ✨