I tell stories of life experience. And share thoughts about going through and growing through different circumstances in life. 


These are my stories, thoughts and reflections. My writing won’t be your “10 ways to a better life” or “the secrets of being happy” kind of prescriptive content. Because—life is anything but prescriptive.

What you’ll have is honest writing about going through life with all its ups and downs. And having hope through tough times. If it can relate to you, and encourage you in any way, that would be great. 

May you be blessed through my writing.


Read When life gets you down…

“Just keep swimming.” This phrase from Finding Nemo kept me going during the painful seasons of my life.

Read Empathy: the missing link between pain and hope

In our zealousness to guide people back on track—have we moved too fast to point people to the bigger picture—unconsciously downplayed the complexity of emotions, and therefore desensitised pain?


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