Hope is our superpower

Hi there, I’m Melinda. Glad you are here.

Through my two newsletters, I write about living with joy and hope through life’s ups and downs . On this website, you can find my articles archive and these resources:
Mental health: Where to seek support for depression and anxiety
Spiritual: Prayer for different situations; explore life, faith and meaning.
Blessing others: Things you can do to sow kindness.
It is my prayer that through this site—this space—we’ll find hope. Encouragement. Rest. Faith. Perspective. Growth. Help. Healing. Joy! So, we too can be that channel of love, hope, and joy for someone.

“Thanks for the gentle reminder that we live one day at a time. We are just so caught up with the fast-moving pace and expectations from people; we’ve forgotten some things we just need to let go! As always, looking forward to your next newsletter.” Regina T

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