We are all weird in some ways to people who find us different from them. And—vice versa.

Hi there, glad to have you here!

Grab a coffee, take a break maybe, and I hope you’ll enjoy the read.

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What do I write about?

I write about the stories in my life. Stories that might make you laugh (or cry) because you see yourself in that story too. Stories that in all its realness, will give you hope. Because—we all have a BS detector more than we think.

I write about some of the things that are going on in my life. It’s kinda like conversations with a friend. Because you know, real friends don’t give you “10 secrets to happiness” or “50 ways to overcome sadness”.

Real friends listen to your shit (did I just say that word publicly?!), and you listen to theirs, real friends listen to the beauty as well as the ugly.

Real friends weep, cry and laugh together, but you’ll keep reminding each other of the redeeming grace of Christ.

Yes, God guides you along the right path and He rebukes you as to how we will rebuke our wayward child. But, also He loves you, He forgives you, He loves you.

Real friends will remind each other that as a child of God, we are very much loved by our Heavenly Father, who delights in us as we waddle about as His little girl or little boy.

Along the way, I’ll share some of the deeper questions and thoughts about life…and about being a Christian.

You know, some of those questions you might have in your head…but didn’t ask. 

I’ve been writing since 2007 and this website has evolved

As you might understand, many things changed in a decade. Wrinkles, yes. Maturity, thank God. So have the topics of my writing.

This website was (re)started in 2020 based on this question I asked my friend, who happens to be a wise pastor. 

My question:

“Is being real, exclusive to only when being in the company with God?

If at all…if I can be my real, authentic self with God without self-censoring anything, sweet-smelling or stinky. If I can write as I am now. Not, how I want “me” to be.

Would I be stones-pelted? Would I cause people to stumble? Or would I point people to Jesus?

A now decade-old, hopefully wiser, but probably still-not-as-wise Christian asks.”

The wise pastor answered:

“It pokes holes at the religious veneer of an image that we all would like others to have of us as people of Jesus.

So yes, it is a tricky thing to maintain a balance to show the authentic life of a on-the-way-God’s-not-finished-with-me-work-in-progress-disciple.

I get encouragement from non-Christian friends who can connect with the reality of their situation. When they recognise that they are broken and hopeless.

Some of us in attempting to represent the hope in Christ, try to portray a life that is all honky-dory. I don’t think that that is faithful to the Gospel.”

Me: “Then why so many do it?”

Why do I sometimes do it?

Why do I sometimes force a spiritual thumbs up at the end of some of my posts, just because I wanna present the hope of Christ in the best way?… Just because I wanna “sell the Gospel”?

As my friend said, “I don’t think that that is faithful to the Gospel. The product (Gospel) sells itself.” 

So here I am.

I’m re-learning to daringly live each day authentically as a work-in-progress true self—in the presence of God.

And that’s probably how this blog will be—not your I’ve-got-it-together polished front.

Whether you are a believer of Christ or not, I pray that my writing and stories will speak to you.

With that, let’s get started.

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