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What I'm doing now

Updated on 26h of March 2024, from Porto, Portugal.

I have an art blog on my website.

For the longest time, I was going back and forth on whether to start another newsletter or to blog. I wanted somewhere, some way, to share the little and big things in life which inspired my art creation.

To me, art doesn’t begin on the canvas but in life.

The time spent in creating an art piece goes beyond the painting. It includes those long walks, the mundane everyday chores, the joyful gathering of friends, the heartbreaks of dreams lost, the wordless prayers, and the glorious sunsets.

But I don't want to take up much space in readers' inboxes. I also want it to be something not time-consuming to do. I finally decided on a blog instead of a newsletter, with a simple format of posting photos along with a few lines of some of those moments. Check out the blog, My Art Life

Revised website, About page, Instagram

With the transition from line drawings to abstract art gaining stronger foothold, I'm comfortable to tell people about my shift into the world of abstract art creation. Took me quite a bit of effort to translate the clarity into writing and make it consistent across the different platforms I'm on. Lots of work behind the scenes other than creating art!

Spring is here!

This is my first time experiencing the seasons changing to spring, the only season I have yet to experience. I've experienced the vibrancy of summer changing into the slowing down of autumn and winter. It's exciting to feel the change of energy from winter to spring! The funny thing is, it started with a week of blue sky and sun, and now, two weeks of rain and temperature below 15 degrees celsius. I shall wait.