image: a happy, smiling woman seen from the window of the train along the Douro Valley, Portugal Hi, I’m Melinda.

I'm an abstract artist and writer located in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal. I began my artistic journey with detailed line drawings and transitioned to the expressive world of abstract art. 

Inspired by the ebbs and flows of life, I paint stories and emotions.

My artwork are sometimes accompanied by my poems and words.

When I'm not painting, I find solace in long walks and dedicate time to writing three pages by hand each morning, known as Morning Pages. These practices influence my creative process. 

My fine line pieces have been displayed in two group exhibitions, and I am grateful that they have found a place in people's homes. 

With my abstract paintings, I want to breathe freshness into my creativity, and invite you into my stories and yours.

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Here's my story.

As the only child in the family with no siblings to play with, my late mother would buy me books to read and art books to keep me occupied.  

Coming from the maternal side of the family where different ones would paint, draw, play the guitar, sew, and do arts & crafts—I didn’t realise I was being nurtured by this creative environment. 

image: photo of a young girl about seven years old, smiling contentedly, holding a watercolour brush, she's painting a vase with flowers.

Though always drawn to art and words, I ignored this artistic path, and chose safer careers for over two decades. 

It was when I went through a tough period in my life: family, health, and work, that I found solace through writing, drawing and painting. And with life’s inevitable ups and downs, I continue to find rest and connection through making art.

image: gorgeous sunset at Matosinhos beach, Porto, Portugal. A woman is strolling along the wooden walkway in the distant background.

Melinda Yeoh Art is a one-artist small business—from art creation in my studio to gracing your home with my art pieces. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to share my world through art with you. And I do my best to give you the customer support you need. If you need any help or if you have questions about your art purchases, please email me at hello at melindayeoh dot com