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What I'm doing now

Updated on 27th of June 2024, from Porto, Portugal.

I painted 29 small paintings in May.


"Make daily small paintings in May for expression and communing with Jesus" was my gift to myself as an artist. An article I read woke me up, to paraphrase, it says, "an artist makes art. If you are not making art, you are not an artist." I can be doing every other things and pushed aside the time needed to make art. Studio time, it says. I will always remember that. 

Then painted very few in June.

Because things were literally in a mess due to our house moving. 

Some of the paintings will be available in my new online art store launching in...

The middle of August 2024. That's the plan and project I'm working on. My new abstract paintings will be available for sale! Join Mel's art community to follow the progress and be the early ones to be notified.