The collection, Boa Tarde, Portugal, released in May 2023 was my last collection of line work before my transition into abstract art.

If you’d like to collect the artwork from this phase of my art journey, if you like line works, these are for you.

Colección: Boa tarde, Portugal Original Artwork

I’m so happy to share a glimpse of Portugal with this new collection of my line art, titled, “Boa tarde, Portugal”. These pieces are special to me because they're inspired by my time living in Portugal with my husband.

We are currently back in Malaysia for personal matters. Life went on a rollercoaster, with unexpected challenges like my husband's lymphoma treatment and the passing of my mother-in-law. But through it all, creating this art collection was a journey that helped me process my time living in Portugal and recalling beautiful memories made with new friends.

The collection has five pieces of original artwork, featuring urban landscapes of Porto, Viana do Castelo, and Faro. Creating this collection sees a stretching of me as an artist—drawing urban landscapes, and painting with acrylic gouache. 

It’ll be a joy and honour to me, for these art pieces to grace your home, from my heart to yours. I appreciate your support of my work. 

"She transformed her “saudade” into wonderful artwork." ~ Moritz K

Updated 05 September 2023 | We are back in Porto! Porto is my current muse! I'm beyond excited to share my stories of Porto through my art with you.