Where do you draw the line in how fast you respond to a message?

Got home after a long day at work, barely put down my bag and my Whatsapp buzzes at 10:15 pm re work.

Increasingly I realised, with technology comes great responsibility… And a whole lot of interference if mismanaged.

I thought I could be having a bonding time with my daughter now. I could be catching up with my husband after a long day. I could be spending quiet time reading God’s words. Or I could be winding down with a book.

Do I reply the message re work that could possibly wait till tomorrow?

Or am I obligated to reply?

If I reply, I would have to put down whatever I am doing and attend to the message.

Does loving what you do means letting it interrupt other areas of your life?

How then, do you strike a balance?

If you choose to draw lines, will others understand or they think you are obliged to attend to them promptly?

Will they think lesser of you – performance, commitment, teamwork?

Think about it. With the availability, connectivity, accessibility… are we modern folks expected to respond to messages & email almost immediately?

Thing is, it’s not only other’s expectations but OURS who think that we NEED to type a quick reply NOW.

Where then is the space where we pace ourselves when our thoughts & work are constantly being interrupted?

Or are we acclimatise to multitasking so much that our brain is able to handle the stop-go dance?

Where indeed is that line that’s as hazy as the sky now.

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