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Thanks for the gentle reminder that we live one day at a time. We are just so caught up with the fast-moving pace and expectations from people; we’ve forgotten some things we just need to let go! As always, looking forward to your next newsletter. ~ Regina Tan


I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated these emails. They have helped me loads with the challenges I’ve faced recently and have reminded me to—keep it simple, trust God but move your feet, let go of the obsession to control outcomes and enjoy the basic blessings. That’s how it has motivated me this last month or so. ~ John Cassap


As I read your HopeMail, I feel like I am reading a chapter from a book of a best-selling author. The words are meaningful and expressed from the heart of the author and yet these words can relate to the readers to go deeper into their hearts and challenge them. Thank you for writing and using your gift so beautifully. ~ Kevin Hoi


Thank you for your articles. You helped me a lot with your articles to be mindful of what is going on with my life. ~ Ben Mung


I really enjoy reading your emails. Motivating and encouraging; it’s like reading a storybook. ~ Stephanie Ng


I’m very glad to have signed up for your newsletter. Today’s mail had me tearing up. Thanks for sharing. My prayer is that Jesus continues to be with you through it all and that His presence will be near and felt. God bless you. ~ Ivan Sia


The HopeMail is like the sun-ray that cheers me on along my journey. Sometimes it surprises me with its deep and profound message that I needed on that day. I look forward to reading the short and sweet emails. ~ Jamie Leong



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