Three things that I’m most grateful for today—20 Oct 2016
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Three things that I’m most grateful for today—20 Oct 2016

1. The tiff with hubs before leaving for work.


Tiff—a petty quarrel, especially one between friends or lovers.

What is there to be thankful about in a petty argument?

Well, the realisation that it’s petty. And stupid. It’s over the same issue of my hubs lacking the built-in mechanism to give acknowledgement and affirmation, which is a love language of mine.

Love language is ways that people speak and understand emotional love. We do have to learn about our partner’s love language. Erm, it’ll bring more spark to the relationship, that I can tell you.

But, the way I reacted to his lack of demonstration was so unnecessary. What a waste of energy! So yeah, I hope I’ll react this way less.

Understand more about the 5 love languages and take a test to know what’s your (and your partner’s or kids) love language.


2. I witnessed someone accepting Jesus into her life.


I have the joy and privilege of witnessing a lady in her 50s saying a simple prayer and accepting Christ into her life today.

As I know how my life had turned around when I get to know God; I witnessed today’s momentous occasion with a constipated-happy expression on my face. That, and trying hard not to cry many happy tears.


3. Spending intentional time with daughter.


Made appointment to catch up with her in the living room. Lol.
Not looking to do idle talk, but a meaningful conversation instead.

Do you know what’s weird? It’s being with a person for almost 10 years, and this person turns into a teenager, and suddenly you are left wondering, hang on, who’s this?

I’ll still be playing the role of a parent, but I’ll leave the lecture out of the conversation. Hopefully, I can model what this article says about talking to a teenager…maybe I should get a beer to go with the conversation.



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