Thoughts For Today

The most radical prayer

I’m convinced this is the most radical prayer anyone can pray: Teach me how to love

So, you want to change the world?

Sometimes we look so far ahead at grandiose ideas to change the world, that we overlook the changes we can make in ourselves. 

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What is enough?

In our (capitalism) world of bigger, better and FOMO, are we pressured to strive for more—without pausing to think—why?


Today is a gift. Unwrap it!


Do you search for quiet?

Value the moments

Here’s something very simple you can say to remind yourself to be present.

Never wear the victim hat

Acknowledging that we are sad or hurt is absolutely fine and healthy. Allowing ourself to be stuck in a self-pity mode is not.

Making space in our heart

Having, wanting, striving for more, crowds out space in our hearts for God.

I was always quite sure of myself. But, now…

I was always quite sure of myself. In the recent season, I’m not so sure.


A prayer for when you are worried or anxious.

“I really enjoy reading your emails. Motivating and encouraging; it’s like reading a storybook.”

Stephanie Ng
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