The Unfriend Button -dealing with grief
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The “unfriend” button—dealing with grief

I still can’t bring myself to clicking “unfriend” my mum on Facebook. She went home to the Lord nine years ago.

dealing with grief

“Unfriend” is a weighty button that means different things to different people.

It could be “There’s too much noise in my newsfeed now.” “I want you out of my life.” “Why did I add you as a friend when we don’t know each other in real life.”

Mine is “I gotta deal with it and let go.”

Grief and pain left undealt don’t go away. It’s merely suppressed in layers of anger, busyness, bitterness, achievements, or even good works and what have you.

Deal with grief and pain—gently. And don’t ever let anyone tell you to “be strong; move on” when you are not there yet. Click To Tweet

If there are people who put you down for “feeling too much”, imagine punching them in the face and go get some non-imaginary ice-cream.

p.s See what I’ve said about suppressed pain turning into anger?

p.p.s You might wanna read this 3-part series on How to support a grieving or hurting person.

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