Ten things I want at my funeral

Me to a friend: “Random. Hi, if I go home to the Lord before you, would you be the worship leader at my wake? Those from the gut; awesome worship to the Lord. None of those polite, reserved, shy, awkward kind of worship, please.”

Friend: “Um, sure, Mel, I would be honoured to.”

Me: “Yay.”

I was watching a Youtube video and worshipping along when the above thought came into my mind. I’ve always love to worship, singing my heart and love out to the Lord, my Heavenly Father. And I thought—this is how I want my wake and funeral to be too.

Singing and perhaps even some dancing unto the Lord.

Since my imagination is running wild now, let’s have some fun.

Here are the ten things I want at my funeral:

  1. There’ll be good food. Ice-cream, even.
  2. I’ll have my customised printed funeral programme. Aesthetics, please.
  3. The programme will feature some of my writings. It’ll have my story of coming to Christ, and why I believe in Jesus.
  4. I’ll have thank-you notes to people. (Which reminds me, I need to write them in advance)
  5. Ah, perhaps a hashtag for social media posting.
  6. And then, I’ll need a theme, so that the entire look & feel will be pulled together.
  7. Good music in the background.
  8. Guestbook. Or maybe not. Some people may say the wrong things to my loved ones, like, “be strong!”, “don’t be sad, she’s in Heaven.” And I won’t be around to punch those people in the face.
  9. Some photos for memories to be tastefully displayed.
  10. My see-you-again speech. Of course, I’ll have to pre-appoint someone to do this for me.

Dear God,
Let my funeral to be a celebration of a life well-lived.
A life lived for others.
A legacy of well-loved people and beautiful relationships.
Yes, there’ll be mourning, sadness, weeping.
But, there’ll always be hope.
For it’s a temporary goodbye for those who believe in Christ.
Because of what Christ has done on the cross—died and rose again. Christ is alive!
Death is not the end.
All praise, honour, and glory to You.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Featured image by Andreas Weiland on Unsplash

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