Spirit, lifted!

Can’t stop being amazed how many times my spirit was lifted by great worship. From the heart. Simple. Anytime. Zero calories.

Worship along. Lift your hands. Lift your spirit.

God is our victory (By True Worshippers from Indonesia)

You’re the one who stands before us
You’re the one who brought us out from the darkness
You’re the mighty god who saves us
When the storms and fires are raging all around us
If god is for us who’ll stand against us?
Who can separate us from the love of christ?
If god is for us who can divide us?
You have overcome the world by your great love
Let god arise, let god arise
Let us behold him and bow down
He leads us all through battles won
God is our victory, we shall rise
God is our victory


Oh how I hunger for Your words. How I hunger for mine.
Merely reading the bible and not quiet down to listen is not nourishing.

I miss writing. I miss my blog. I miss listening to myself as I write. I miss pouring out myself to no-one in particular (Erm, but a digital journal?)

I miss closing my eyes and all I feel deep down is a steady heart-beat and peace.

I miss God.