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Julian of Norwich on making space in our heart for God

Even though I’m smack in the thick of a bigger, more, faster world, as many of you who are reading this are, I find myself increasingly drawn over time—to a life where “hurry and more” is not the norm of life.

Where in fact, “hurry and more” is assaulting. Where having, wanting, striving for more, crowds out space in our heart for God. 

I wonder, to those who had or are still going through lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, as you look out from the confines of your window, are you re-thinking about what’s really important in your life?

I read this lovely prose of Julian Of Norwich from one of my daily devotional resources, LECTIO365.

And thought it encapsulates the yearning of my soul to be rested in the presence of God.

These words from Julian of Norwich reminded me of making space in our hearts for God.
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