Living like Heaven is on earth

How to live like heaven is on earth

A Whatsapp conversation with a friend sparked the start of this new way of living. We were talking about the frailty of life. How our days are numbered, yet many of us live as if tomorrow will always come.

Me: Remember how you were when u were going through your illness?⁠⁠⁠⁠

C: Ha ha, yes I remember and wanna forget…I’m living in abandon!

Me: One day, I’ll interview you. Ok?⁠⁠⁠⁠

C: Things I’ll do if I have a week to live?

Me: Whether u r any diff before and after.

C: Of course! I was 68kg, now 57kg. LOL! Ok, ok, I have some nuggets of wisdom, somewhere. If I can find em’.
I don’t take life so seriously and dwell on petty matters, look for beauty in everyday living, and find contentment with the little things. Because I’m more aware now that I may just collapse at any time.

C: Life is transient, like the rays of the sunshine thru the trees that I saw at the park one morning. Never saw such beauty again so far.

C: Ha ha hahaha! Am I making any sense?

Me: Applies to anyone, regardless of whether they had an illness or what. Our days are numbered. We just don’t live that truth. I forget that every single day.

I think we/ppl need regular reminders to remember to live.

C: Yes, sometimes u need a near-death experience to shake u up.

Me: Not everyone has the chance for a u-turn though.

Me: Maybe I can do something abt it⁠⁠⁠⁠. And in the process, remind me to live like my days are numbered.

C: Of course, you can!

C: Hell yes! Ooops!

C: Hmm…why ppl never say, Heaven yes?!

Me: How to live like Heaven is on earth.

So, here I am.

I’m doing something about it. Something to do with this blog to remind you and me to live like our days are numbered, because…they are.

Just one day after I told myself that I’ll do something about it by taking one step of faith at a time—my days started to be kinda different! 😀

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Three things that I’m most grateful for today—18 Oct 2016

Outfit of the day

Today is going down in the history of 2016 as one of my best days ever.

1. I experienced unexplainable joy today!

The difference between happiness and joy—happiness is derived from circumstances, things, and people; joy depends on none of that. Joy is that delight and peace which radiates from within. And I experienced that today! I did nothing different except that both hubs & I prayed & blessed each other in the morning. We’ve wanted to do this for a long time but never got round to cultivating the habit of praying together as a couple. Today we did, and I was blessed my socks off with this beaming, whistling, amazing peace kind of joy! Thank you, Lord!

2. You guys resonated with my article on The side effects of divorce!

Yesterday, I asked God ‘what shall I write about?’ And God used my anger and disappointment of my daughter’s bio-mom not sending her back as promised, to write about the lifetime consequences of divorce.

I received encouraging response from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and even phone call. Some shared their experiences as the kid, and some shared as the divorced parent. I’m so touched and thankful when I read all the comments and encouragement. Thank you!

3. Our sponsor child wrote to us!


I kissed the letter and cried.

We are so privileged to be able to do something for two kids through Metro World Child.

Please find out more about how you can give one child a chance in life through your sponsorship of about USD30/month.

We can’t change the whole world, but we can make a difference in the world of one child.

Spirit, lifted!

Can’t stop being amazed how many times my spirit was lifted by great worship. From the heart. Simple. Anytime. Zero calories.

Worship along. Lift your hands. Lift your spirit.

God is our victory (By True Worshippers from Indonesia)

You’re the one who stands before us
You’re the one who brought us out from the darkness
You’re the mighty god who saves us
When the storms and fires are raging all around us
If god is for us who’ll stand against us?
Who can separate us from the love of christ?
If god is for us who can divide us?
You have overcome the world by your great love
Let god arise, let god arise
Let us behold him and bow down
He leads us all through battles won
God is our victory, we shall rise
God is our victory