Rooms of losses | poem

A poem about love and losses

Rooms of losses

I looked into the rooms
of buildings, of rooms in my heart
Different rooms. Different people.
Same aching.
Who was once there,
there no more.
Left for a new adventure
Left for a new beginning
Left for good.
What’s left but a space
for pining.
And memories of what’s used to be.
I’ll keep those in my box of memories.
To retrieve; give it a gentle kiss,
And say, thank you.
To know love is to know losses.
To shut out losses is to lose love.
I’m keeping the rooms open.
To love. To pine. To live.

Rooms of losses, a poem about love and losses

Writer’s note:

I have four losses this week. Not of death. But of departure. Of things coming to an end. It’s not drastic. But it’s enough to feel the gnawing pain. 

I find myself increasingly turning to poems. Is it laziness to write longer? Or is it tiredness and an unwillingness to talk about the details? Maybe it’s not necessary to share details, but just to share the common ebb and flow of life.

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