Reflections on life and death

Death is a reality. The question of life is not how long, but what happens between and what do we leave behind when we die?


What will we leave behind when we die?

How to live the remaining days of our life on earth well?

Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die

Our original programming is of wanting to be together with God, and never be separated from His love.

Searching for the meaning of life (a poem and a Bob Dylan’s song: Make you feel my love)

How often we search for the meaning of life from gods, lords, and what not; to fill this void that we got?

Ten things I want at my funeral

Let my funeral to be a celebration of a life well-lived for You. A life lived for others.

10 questions to reflect on your life

Make a date with yourself to reflect on your life. Here are ten questions to ask yourself and help you reflect on your past 100 days

The Saturday Before Easter Sunday Most People Ignored

We celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday. But what happened on Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday…when there’s silence and seemingly no hope?

Search for answers in the right place

What’s the meaning of life? Perhaps the answer lies not in searching for yourself…


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