Rooms of losses

I looked into the rooms
of buildings, of rooms in my heart
Different rooms. Different people.
Same aching.
Who was once there,
there no more.
Left for a new adventure
Left for a new beginning
Left for good.
What’s left but a space
for pining.
And memories of what’s used to be.
I’ll keep those in my box of memories.
To retrieve; give it a gentle kiss,
And say, thank you.
To know love is to know losses.
To shut out losses is to lose love.
I’m keeping the rooms open.
To love. To pine. To live.
Know who you are

Never get swayed by the world
But if you do
you'll find Me
waiting for you
where you've
left Me
in search of yourself
—when all you've been 
searching for
was given to you
when I called
you—My beloved child.
Can you see me smile?

I try to smile harder, beneath the mask
I try to let you see, I love you
Beneath the mask, I offer you
A flower from my heart
Quietly And Steadily You Live

Working your best faithfully where you're placed
Loving people around you as how you'd want people to love you
Taking care of nature as nature takes care of you
Quietly and steadily you live.

Linger for a coffee, a meal,
a chat with a friend;
linger so you can see
when you can lend someone a helping hand.

Linger for a touch,
a stroke on your children’s hair,
a smile to a stranger,
often the littlest mean so much

Linger for silence;
a precious space to be in God’s presence

Linger…when things get too much,
close your eyes and breathe,
there you’ll find relief.

Linger…smile awhile, rest awhile,
laugh awhile, read awhile,
let your racing heart just slowly walk awhile;
when you are back on track in the centre,
you’ll find God there;
lovingly waiting for you all these while.
One step at a time—my daily bread

One step a time, my daily bread. poem.
When I think of the long road ahead
the troubles and sorrows that may
crush  me  inside
And I would die—a little each time

Oh, I've lost all zest
for a better life
I've lost control. I kiss it goodbye
There's nothing I can do
and I've nowhere to hide

So, I run, run, run to You
I run, run, run to You
Give me today my daily bread;
Won't You please,
give me today my daily bread?
And help me to live day by day—one step at a time.

A poem for me and you when we try to be who we are not. Be who God created you to be.
Maybe I could be like this,
Maybe I could be like that,
Maybe I could be like her,
But I ain't like anyone but me, you hear?
Find joy in ordinary things

A poem on finding joy in the simple life and in ordinary things
A cup of tea, and a hand to hold,
morning sun shining through the curtain,
a cool evening stroll,
reading the best book,
laughing at lame jokes;
think of these things
and your heart will never get old.

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The love of God is like a gentle breeze
flowing through the window—beckoning.
The curtains excitedly lift up the hem of their skirt,
and sway along to the wind’s call.
The plant by the window lift their arms
and dance with the Lord in delight.
In Its Place

Who puts the sun in its place?
For dawn to break, for dusk to fade.
It's God—truly, Holy, Almighty,
Who reigns now and forever more.
Before it's too late...

Before it's too late...(poem)
I never thought I’d see the day
when I could hear him say
“I wanna spend more time with my dad
and see him every day.”

He then gently sang out these verses
from the song The Living Years
As the lyrics pierced my heart
My eyes were wet as I melted in tears

Half a decade of heartaches
from a father who always has his way
Never a tender word
Never a “son, you’ve made my day.”

Neither any affirmation
try as he might
All he gets from his dad is
You never get things right

But now lies his dad
as he sits beside his bed
plucking up all courage
to tell his dad all the things that need to be said

We don’t have a good relationship, dad
But I’m thankful for what I have
You’ve given me a good education, dad
You’ve given me all that you can

And so the conversations have started
for the first time in their lives
sitting beside the bed
where his weak and ill dad lies

Where Love is allowed to go
into the deepest hurts of your soul
It is there you’ll find healing
Wherever forgiveness flows

As Christ hung high up on the cross
Looking at the people below
Forgive them, Father, he said
For they do not know

And now that you know
where would you allow Love to go?
Would you let Love into your heart
Where forgiveness need to flow?

Who do you need to forgive
What do you want to say?
Why don’t you let Love win
And say it before it’s too late
My God and I

My God and I (poem)
Have you ever been in love
Where everything fades
As you melt in their presence

Have you ever been in love
Where everything about them interests you
As you thirst to know them more

Have you ever been in love
Where you pursue them
As passionately as they pursue you

A tangle of fire and love.
Let me move far far away

Let me move far far away
Away from this pool of bitterness
Away from these injustices
Away from these hurts
Away from this pain

Let me move far far away
Where I can be free
Where I am me

This place does not exist
It’s not real
It’s not on earth
It’s a dream

It exists only when God becomes bigger than me
It exists only when love is bigger than the hurts

But at this point, I’m just down on my knees
with hurts and bitter-talk slashing my heart.
Anger turned inward.

Let me move far far away from these.
Fade away, pain

It’s Chinese New Year,
A first without mum,
Didn’t know that it’ll be that weird,
To celebrate and laugh while my heart still hurts.

I’ve been thinking of her,
Her roaring laughter still ringing in my ears,
I can see her pottering in the kitchen,
Dishing out my favourite dishes that she knows I love.

These I have no more,
And it’s the heartache that’s left to endure.
Oh, how we boast about our future,
When nothing on earth is secure.

I keep my eyes on Jesus,
When all is too much to bear,
Lay my weary head on Him,
To Him, I try to cast my cares.

I know mum is in heaven,
A place she can call home for eternity,
No more awful earthly suffering,
For this, I’m thankful for His mercy.

But to this, I am but a human,
Of flesh and blood, I’m made,
And till I return to dust and back to Him,
I guess this hurts and pain will never really fade away?
If I knew this would be the last

If I knew this would be…
The last time I can kiss you
The last time I can smell your hair
The last time I can hear you say, love, love you
The last time you can smile
The last time you can laugh
The last time we can walk hand-in-hand along the seaside
The last time you can call my phone
I would have said everything I need to say to you
when you still can respond to me
“If I knew this would be the last”…
is a terrible thing to say;
a terrible feeling to have.

As I lay on my bed trying to sleep,
watching the clock ticking by,
I realised that its getting harder and harder,
to quiet the cries I have inside.

Knowing that I can lose my mum at any time,
with many things that I’ve yet to do for her,
cuts me with despair.
As I lay defeated;
a fish gasping for air.

An image of myself down on the ground I see,
the only thing helping me to breathe,
is The Word of God,
the Holy Spirit,
my Father,
my Lord,
my Jesus—the Holy Trinity.

He is the respirator coursing through my veins
keeping my spirits alive
in a steady hum
and with assuring beats,
breathing life into me.
I thank You, Father

As I lay on my bed
I think of days passed by
And I thank you, Lord
For Your guidance on how to live my life

Grace, kindness, love
And joy in my heart
This You impart

Shrewd as a serpent
Innocent as a dove
What a concept!
That only can come from the heavens above!

Allow me to be your humble servant
Show me the way
To use your gifts to me
And serve others in Your glorious ways.

I thank you, Father
For it could only be You
Who can change my heart
And let me live my life anew.
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