365 days of calligraphy diary

365 days calligraphy challenge: I’m not ok


Had a rough week at work and for the first time in my ministry, I had this thought: ‘You know what, do what you want, I can’t be bothered anymore.’

As I stood amidst the Sunday church crowd looking at different people walking past, I wondered, beneath the smiles and nicely-groomed hairstyles, how many people are like me today, just not together?

Oh I know what I need to do: Come to terms, understand, forgive, pray, etc. And I’m also grateful that I have a millimetre grounding in Christ to be aware of the devil’s attack to people in full-time ministry.

But just for now, I really don’t want to be sensible nor mature.

So, excuse me while I come apart in order that I may come together again stronger; strengthen by Him.

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