New normal in life
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New normal in life

‬‬Even if we are born with all our limbs intact and with full mobility, I believe that—with life in this fallen world—soon enough we’ll start to live with a limp here, a bruise there, and scabs where wounds from hurts and losses were. We’ll live with a new normal for every loss and win through life’s circumstances.


A new normal is knowing that things aren’t the way they are supposed to be, but they are.


I’m not talking about those things that you run away from and don’t want to face. I’m talking about things that happened in your life that you just can’t change.

A new normal is…

A new normal is having reality popping up to say, “hello” when you see the empty room, and you are reminded that who was once there, isn’t here anymore.

A new normal is a mum, gone too soon. And you live on with a dream of a tight, loving mother-child relationship, unrealised.


A new normal is a divorce.

Where you lost the chance of having a papa and mama, loving and raising you together. And your photos will no longer have a one, two, three—a father, a mother, child.


A new normal is having those broken lines and missing pieces in your heart; choosing to embrace them and live on. Limping. Believing that God will heal. Knowing that one day, the broken pieces will be made whole. And only God can. Click To Tweet


In life, we’ll limp. But we limp not with despair and hopelessness, for those who trust in God will forever be held together in His big hands. Even if we don’t see it.

One day in His time, we’ll be able to throw away the crutches, and with abandon—run.

My laments end in praise. They end in hope. And I can only do that because I know and I have a God who is all-powerful. On my own, I’ll run out of strength and will.

My prayer for you is to be able to have assurance in your heart, with ultimate dependency and hope in a God that’ll walk with you, and put things together again.




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