Marriage and parenting

The reality of marriage, being a parent (a step-parent) and keeping a marriage together.


Does being good parents result in good kids?

We must do all we can to love and raise our kids as best as we can. But our efforts do not guarantee the outcome that we want.

The side effects of divorce

The lifetime consequences of a divorce on a child, and the ‘new’ family.

How the media is poisoning your marriage

The deception vs reality of working on a marriage relationship

Confessions of a step mum

Thanks to “well-meaning” advice about being a step mum, I’ve gone into a marriage as a new wife and instant mum—handicapped from day one.

An 11th wedding anniversary reflection: a marriage relationship with God in the centre.

With God in the centre, we are learning to place “we and you” instead of just focusing on “I” in our relationship.


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Coping with grieve

Lessons on life

Reflections on life and death



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