Living like Heaven is on earth

A Whatsapp conversation with a friend sparked the start of this new way of living. We were talking about the frailty of life. How our days are numbered, yet many of us live as if tomorrow will always come.

Me: Remember how you were when u were going through your illness?⁠⁠⁠⁠

C: Ha ha, yes I remember and wanna forget…I’m living in abandon!

Me: One day, I’ll interview you. Ok?⁠⁠⁠⁠

C: Things I’ll do if I have a week to live?

Me: Whether u r any diff before and after.

C: Of course! I was 68kg, now 57kg. LOL! Ok, ok, I have some nuggets of wisdom, somewhere. If I can find em’.
I don’t take life so seriously and dwell on petty matters, look for beauty in everyday living, and find contentment with the little things. Because I’m more aware now that I may just collapse at any time.

C: Life is transient, like the rays of the sunshine thru the trees that I saw at the park one morning. Never saw such beauty again so far.

C: Ha ha hahaha! Am I making any sense?

Me: Applies to anyone, regardless of whether they had an illness or what. Our days are numbered. We just don’t live that truth. I forget that every single day.

I think we/ppl need regular reminders to remember to live.

C: Yes, sometimes u need a near-death experience to shake u up.

Me: Not everyone has the chance for a u-turn though.

Me: Maybe I can do something abt it⁠⁠⁠⁠. And in the process, remind me to live like my days are numbered.

C: Of course, you can!

C: Hell yes! Ooops!

C: Hmm…why ppl never say, Heaven yes?!

Me: How to live like Heaven is on earth.

So, here I am.

I’m doing something about it. Something to do with this blog to remind you and me to live like our days are numbered, because…they are.

Just one day after I told myself that I’ll do something about it by taking one step of faith at a time—my days started to be kinda different! 😀

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