Linger | poem

Linger, poem


Linger for a coffee, a meal,
a chat with a friend;
linger so you can see
when you can lend someone a helping hand.

Linger for a touch,
a stroke on your children’s hair,
a smile to a stranger,
often the littlest mean so much

Linger for silence;
a precious space to be in God’s presence

Linger…when things get too much,
close your eyes and breathe,
there you’ll find relief.

Linger…smile awhile, rest awhile,
laugh awhile, read awhile,
let your racing heart just slowly walk awhile;
when you are back on track in the centre,
you’ll find God there;
lovingly waiting for you all these while.

Writer’s note:

Linger. This word resonates with my heart. It seems to be the word my soul is whispering to me…and a plea to some of us in this harried world.

My friends, I hope you’ll remember to enjoy the pleasure of lingering over moments.

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