Let's stay relevant and hip, church!
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Let’s stay relevant and hip, church!

I read this article about young, hip, holy, Britain’s inner city churches attracting new generation cool worshipers

It’s absolutely fantastic to see people going, returning to church, and enjoying church life.

I’m cool with the church to be “speaking today’s language”, to have different worship styles, finding ways on how to connect better with people.

What I’m gravely concerned with is—if the spotlight (pun intended) unknowingly inch closer and closer to being relevant but move further and further away from the One who matters most.

The deceit is if it’s feeding the self-centred nature of human-beings (without us realising it). Like a frog in a pot of gradually boiling water.

If it dilutes rather than emphasise the One.

If noise drowns out the whisper of God.

If we talk more about how God is meeting OUR needs; rather than how thirsty we are for Him.

If we add tinsels to the Cross rather than looking at the bare, ugly Cross, and remember what Christ had done and the reason He died for everyone.

If the church becomes more for us than for God and other people.

The scary thing is when everything is burned off, what will remain? Will we see God as All in all?




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