Lessons on life

Articles on living life with wisdom and living a full life

Be a celebrator of progress (and stop running yourself and others to the ground)

Here are four wins when we celebrate progress

“6 things in life to quit” inspired by the Serenity Prayer

Here is the full Serenity Prayer and from its wisdom—six things in life to quit.

20 quotes about life

“We are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel about it” and 19 more quotes about life.

Great Battles Are Won From Daily Practise And Preparation

It wasn’t David’s (a shepherd) debut when he faced Goliath the giant. David was prepared.

Look beneath a person’s exterior

Our lenses often need a thorough wiping from God. Because our lenses are filthy—masked by the grime of pride, shame, blame, divisiveness…

Simplifying to a less is more life

I went on a decluttering and simplifying mission to reduce the external noises and help increase the internal silence of my heart.


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Coping with grieve

Marriage and parenting

Reflections on life and death



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