Lessons from spilling a cup of tea
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Lessons from spilling a cup of tea

My table didn’t look like this a minute ago.
Nope. It was primed for a few good hours of work.

As I was getting ready to tackle the somewhat stressful work, I comforted myself with being able to enjoy a perfectly-brewed Earl Grey tea from Twinings.

I took a nice, enjoyable sip. But before I could close my eyes in delight and say, “ahhhh.”

This happened.

Don't cry over spilt milk

I stare at it, and my brain goes on auto-mode of saying “f”. Yes, it’s a habit I’m still struggling with.

Then, I thought, well, isn’t this kinda like life-in-a-nutshell?

We prepare all we can; we go hum-hum-humming along in life, then suddenly—wham! something goes wrong. What do we make out of it?

For me—my self-talk lesson out of this spilt tea incident is:

It’s ok, and it’s natural to feel angry or upset.

Then what?

I can choose to stay angry, wipe up the mess angrily, and let it affect my mood of working.

Or I can do what’s necessary, wipe up the mess, and continue to enjoy what’s left of my tea, and…write a post about it!

Bonus: I can be thankful that the tea didn’t spill onto my laptop or my iPhone.


We have to accept that there are things in life beyond our control—but our attitude? That, we can control.


Often, the latter is the harder part to deal with, isn’t it?

Tea, anyone?




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Featured image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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