Original artwork for sale

Set of three framed and mounted line art drawings by Melinda Yeoh Art

Three of my original artwork, "Rise Above", "New", "Don't Let Me Hold You Back" are for sale.

They were exhibited at two art exhibitions at KL City Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Rise Above RM1100/€232
Don't Let Me Hold You Back RM850/€182
New RM900/€192

For buyers in Malaysia, the artwork will come ready to hang with frame and mount. 


Rise Above

You will rise above your pain, your grief, your circumstances, and bloom—by God’s grace. 

This artwork is inspired by nature. I noticed a plant with one stem higher than the rest. It seemed to be reaching above a partition that is shading the rest of the stems. It seemed to be reaching for the sun. That one stem has a beautiful flower. The words “rise above” came, and I found them to be encouraging. To rise above our circumstances, reach for the light, trusting that in due time, we will thrive and bloom.

Don't Let Me Hold You Back

Line art drawing art print titled Don't Let Me Hold You Back by Melinda Yeoh Art

Sometimes, a greater love is to give someone the blessings to fly. I’m reminded of my late mum’s love for me.



Stipple art drawing art print of butterfly titled New by Melinda Yeoh Art

Butterflies are often used as a metaphor for new things. Transformation. What is the "new" you’re yearning for? What does new look like to you in your life?

I ship internationally. The shipping fee will be confirmed once I know where should I ship your artwork to.

Order by email

Please email me hello at melindayeoh dot com to order, or if you have any questions. 

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