Is saying crap the same as saying shit

Is saying ‘crap’ the same as saying ‘sh*t’?

So, this post is about cussing.

I’m still struggling with cussing. Yeah, I had reduced the intensity. I had certainly placed a cover on my mouth 🙊 and not cuss out loud, the word f*ck (and other more interesting remix). But. It’s still there; the cussing. It’s still in my head. Every day. There, I’ve said it.

I sure wish I’m one of those people who accepted Jesus into their lives, and the next day, they lost the interest in smoking or things like that. Nope. Not me. 😔
It’s like there’s this automatic switch that comes on when I’m annoyed. And don’t get me started when I’m outraged. Man, those cusses are LOUD in my head.

So, I try to do damage control. Instead of saying ‘sh*t’ too often, I sometimes replaced it with ‘crap’.


I always thought ‘crap’ is a milder version for “sh*t’.

But! Apparently, according to Jimmy Norman from Dysfunctional Literate, ‘crap’ is not a vulgar word!

You go and read it up here.

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