Coping with grief

I still can feel…

I miss you terribly Mummy.

I still can hear your voice saying ‘ love, love you’ to me

I still can smell your familiar sweet smell

I still can feel your soft hands as I held them

I still can feel your eyelashes as I kiss both your shut eyes

I still can feel the warmth of your lips when I kiss them

And I still can feel the coldness of your lips as I kissed them after your last breath.

Goodbye mummy. Until we meet in Heaven, I love you forever.



  • Lynn Leong

    My dearest niece … Mel,
    I thank our Heavenly Father for moulding you to become who you are today in Him. You have grown so very much when you experienced our Daddy’s love and I have much to learn from your transformation through our Heavenly Daddy.

    I thank you for your blog and reading each and every single word, it encouraged me so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Mi is very well pleased with your maturity and your ability to love so willingly.

    Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing Mel with your very special angel as her mum, thank you Father for blessing Mel with a godly husband and thank you Father for blessing Alanis into Mel’s life and through this little princess, Mel has learned to love. Glory is yours Father as your love for Mel surpasses her fear and now she stands up victoriously because she has You.

    Mel, thank you for being in my life and I love you very much.

    Loving you always …. E

    • admin

      Ee,I wrote a reply and WordPress (on iphone) decided to eat it. :/
      Thank you so much for your encouragement.

      I’m very much a work in progress. Sometimes I progress, sometimes I regress so badly.
      The difference is, I am aware of what’s happening and hence have better sense to do something about it, ie: forgive, love, obey God.

      Talk soon.

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