Three things that I’m grateful for today—17 Oct 2016

1. A pleasant experience at the dental clinic.

I went for a dental check-up today. Haven’t seen my dentist for two years after she moved on from working for a dental clinic to starting her own practice.

I always remembered her as a caring, gentle, and competent dentist—something which you want for a typical scary trip to the dentist! So when I need to get my pearly not-so-whites checked, naturally I’ll think of checking out her clinic.

As I waited for my turn, I observed my surroundings. Look at the deco—you sort of know that the dentist is one who cares about the patient when the clinic looks pleasant like this.

I also observed how friendly and courteous the front-desk assistant is. A sign of a happy employee and a good employer.

Check out Toothie Dental Facebook page here.

2. Discovered a simple way to ease neck pain

While waiting at the dentist, I chanced upon some copies of Reader’s Digest. I saw this little physical therapy tip to ease neck pain (no thanks to frequent use of mobile phone). ease neck pain physical therapy
I’m gonna try the therapy this evening and hope to get some relief!

3. Turned off the alarm clock at 7:30 am…

…and slept in an additional one hour on a day off. Woke up with no sign of tiredness in the body. No grogginess from oversleeping either. The feeling is amazing! The tension in the body left. No heaviness in the head. No anxious knot inside from to-do list to be checked off. Just-felt-so-happy.

Told hubs that today would be a lazy day. Almost afraid that this kind of restedness will evaporate. Too precious to let go!

The wonders of sufficient good sleep. So simple but yet I kept depriving myself of it every day. It’s just not the same to ‘catch up on sleep on the weekends’, isn’t it?

Do you have the same experience too? Share your comments below.

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