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God is my refuge in times of grief

I know clearly of the danger in letting the devil gets into my mind. Letting anger eats me up. Despair pinning me to the ground.

So I’m clinging on even more to God.

Praise Lord for giving me mature sisters in Christ to support me through my grief.
And also a wonderful husband, daughter, family and true friends.

But on my own, I’m helping myself to go through it in a way that helps rather than pull me down further.

I found a Bible study guide some time ago, I guess there is no better time to go through it than now.

I acknowledge my pain. Not suppressing it. I cried when I need to.

But I’m not letting it destroy me by doing foolish stuff.

Instead of seeking refuge in the world” food? alcohol? things that temporarily distract? I’m seeking refuge in God.

Only He can fill the emptiness and heals the wound.

Thank you, Lord, for being with me.

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