Facing adversity

Life experience and thoughts on facing adversity, going through emotional pain and having empathy for hurting people.


When life gets you down…

“Just keep swimming.” This phrase from Finding Nemo kept me going during the painful seasons of my life.

New normal in life

A new normal is having those broken lines and missing pieces in your heart; choosing to embrace them and live on.

Oh, troubled soul (poem)

I wrote this piece when I was mulling about a beyond-my-control-crisis and everything that comes with it. And I thought I heard this whisper within me, “Oh, soul. Why so troubled?”

Talking about suicide

Many of us may not be able to comprehend how a person could take his or her own life. But to the sufferer, they may feel that death is the only way out. How might someone think or feel like to be suicidal?

Thoughts from my husband’s cancer diagnosis

This post is a way for me to process my thoughts—four days after knowing that my husband has cancer. It is my prayer too that it’ll be a sharing of hope for you.

Empathy: the missing link between pain and hope

In our zealousness to guide people back on track—have we moved too fast to point people to the bigger picture—unconsciously downplayed the complexity of emotions, and therefore desensitised pain?


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