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Eight great things I discovered about Elijah House.

Excerpt from my previous post: There’s a ministering course which I wanted to go to receive inner healing for all these knots and mess, which I’ve been trying so hard to untangle but failed.

And so I’ve attended Elijah House ‘Keys to Transformation seminar’. I’m delighted to share my discoveries about Elijah House, and also, inner healing.

  1. It’s for every Christian at any stage in their walk with Christ.
  2. It’s not designed to be a place for those with deep, personal problems and are only seeking help for themselves.
  3. Inner healing is not a single nor one-time process. It is also not something to repair or fix us. God intends to raise us anew in Him. Therefore our old selves have to ‘die’ so that the new selves can be born.
  4. It’s not a behaviour changing program where the attempts are to change how our mind thinks. It goes deep and deals a lot with our emotions and the actual conditions of our heart.
  5. It enables students to recognise the root causes of their problems. Often without knowing the root cause, the same problem will recur in different scenarios.
  6. Gain knowledge through the live teaching and video, and the revelation by the Holy Spirit to understand the reason why we are what and how we are. For me, it’s a great feeling to understand logically (through the enabling of the Holy Spirit) why I’m struggling with the same issues.
  7. Learn how to minister to others by observing how the facilitators minister in small groups.
  8. There are opportunities to be ministered to to experience personal healing through small group prayer ministry.

    As I’ve said, it’s for every Christian at any stage in their walk with Christ. To me, what I’ve discovered about myself; the acceptance of responsibilities for my wrong responses to issues, and most importantly a heightened empathy towards others (for example, hurt people, hurt people) is a start to my walking in freedom with Christ.

    Find out more about Elijah House here and Elijah House Malaysia here.





  • kevinhoi7

    People often say fake it until you make it. That’s only behavioral change and most likely don’t get lasting result. Better to faith it until you make it when a deep belief of God’s love to us and the enabling of His Spirit in us to keep believe until we are rewarded with his blessings.

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