A letter to my fleeting mind when I’m supposed to write.

Dear you,
You are supposed to write a blog post for your Every Day Inspiration writing challenge. Instead, you are searching for yet another new WordPress template for this blog, drinking coffee, eating peanuts, reading articles, and doing a whole lot of musing. Anything but writing a deserving post for today’s writing prompt of ‘write a post in letter format’.


Yours truly,

20 days writing prompt series. Day eight: Reinvent the letter format

Why do I write?

Why do I write?

I write because it’s the song to my soul.

When I write, I feel every cell in me comes alive. I write—because that’s one of the greatest ways for me to hear myself.

And then I write because of you. The you who resonates not only with the content of my writing but the heart of it. The you who may pause and ponder in mid-sentence through the article. The you who just may need that bit of soul-lifting for the day. The you who may say, “someone gets me.”

Most importantly, I write because of Him. I write because He has given me the gift of writing.

I used to shy away from acknowledging this gift. But I’ve been correctly pointed out that—all good gifts come from God—and we are to be grateful. Not only that, we are to use it for good. So I write to give the glory back to God—for He gives me the joy of doing so.

Soli Deo gloria


20 days writing prompt series. Day one: I write because…

Discovering my life verse in the Bible

As I retired to bed, I just felt like wanting to read the Bible. So, I took my physical Bible. And not knowing what to read, I asked a simple question, ‘God, what should I read?’ Immediately I heard an answer. A book which begins with an ‘E’. So, I thought, Ephesians? Then it doesn’t feel like that’s the one. Ecclesiastes? Could be!

I quickly thumbed through the introduction of that book. Eugene Peterson brilliantly wrote the intro. And I knew this is what God wants me to read.

As I hungrily complete the last chapter—I came to the final word of that book, which is:

Fear God. Obey His commands.

Or, in the Message version:
Fear God. Do what he tells you.

I like the AMP version, though. Ecclesiastes 12:13

It gives clarity to the phrase ‘fear God’. It removes the unhealthy connotation which may be attached to the word, ‘fear’.

Worship Him. Show profound adoring awed respect. Wow.
Knowing that He is Almighty God. Therefore WORTHY to be worshiped in this manner. Wow.

Next, keep His Commandments.

Now, I know of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament of the Bible. But I also know of the Great Commandment, which to me, is the mother or rather father of all commandments. This is it.

To quote Matthew 22:35-40 AMP from the Bible:

One of them, a lawyer [an expert in Mosaic Law], asked Jesus a question, to test Him: “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
And Jesus replied to him, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.
The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself [that is, unselfishly (adjective) seek (verb) the best or higher good for others].’
The whole Law and the [writings of the] Prophets depend on these two commandments.”

To fear God (out of reverence for who He is), to obey His commands to love Him with all my heart, soul, and mind, and to love others as myself…

BAM! I think I’ve found my life verse.

Further references on the Great Commandment from Wikipedia

Is saying ‘crap’ the same as saying ‘sh*t’?

Is saying crap the same as saying shit

So, this post is about cussing.

I’m still struggling with cussing. Yeah, I had reduced the intensity. I had certainly placed a cover on my mouth 🙊 and not cuss out loud, the word f*ck (and other more interesting remix). But. It’s still there; the cussing. It’s still in my head. Every day. There, I’ve said it.

I sure wish I’m one of those people who accepted Jesus into their lives, and the next day, they lost the interest in smoking or things like that. Nope. Not me. 😔
It’s like there’s this automatic switch that comes on when I’m annoyed. And don’t get me started when I’m outraged. Man, those cusses are LOUD in my head.

So, I try to do damage control. Instead of saying ‘sh*t’ too often, I sometimes replaced it with ‘crap’.


I always thought ‘crap’ is a milder version for “sh*t’.

But! Apparently, according to Jimmy Norman from Dysfunctional Literate, ‘crap’ is not a vulgar word!

You go and read it up here.

Three things that I’m most grateful for today—20 Oct 2016

1. The tiff with hubs before leaving for work.

Tiff—a petty quarrel, especially one between friends or lovers.

What is there to be thankful about in a petty argument? Well, the realisation that it’s petty. And stupid.
It’s over the same issue of my hubs lacking the built-in mechanism to give acknowledgement and affirmation, which is a love language of mine. Love language is ways that people speak and understand emotional love. We do have to learn our partner’s love language. Erm, it’ll bring more spark to the relationship, that I can tell you. But, the way I reacted to his lack of demonstration was so unnecessary. What a waste of energy!
So yeah, I hope I’ll react this way less.
Understand more about the 5 love languages and take a test to know what’s your (and your partner’s or kids) love language.

2. I witnessed someone accepting Jesus into her life.

I have the joy and privilege of witnessing a lady in her 50s saying a simple prayer and accepting Christ into her life today. As I know how my life had turned around when I get to know God; I witnessed today’s momentous occasion with a constipated-happy expression on my face. That, and trying hard not to cry many happy tears.

3. Spending intentional time with daughter.

Made appointment to catch up with her in the living room. Lol.
Not looking to do idle talk, but a meaningful conversation instead. You know what’s weird? It’s being with a person for almost 10 years, and this person turns into a teenager, and suddenly you are left wondering, hang on, who’s this?
I’ll still be playing the role of a parent, but I’ll leave the lecture out of the conversation. Hopefully, I can model what this article says about talking to a teenager.

Maybe I should get a beer to go with the conversation.

Three things that I’m most grateful for today—19 Oct 2016

Whoa, mama. When I came home tired and saw this, my brain raced through two responses:

  1. Curse (literally) and do the chores grumpily.
  2. Maintain composure and just do it. (Thanks, Nike)

God must have given me an extra dose of wisdom today as I chose option 2. Not a norm for me!

I whipped out Spotify and played my favourite worship songs as I worked through the pile of dishes…


An eternity later…

When I can finally see the basin, I had my three most grateful things list for the day just from doing the house chores. Here goes:

1. I have a home to come home to.

(Trying to see the good in the situation). Dishes and meals to cook mean that I have people at home to care for. Ah, but of course, if there is someone else to do the dirty work, I’m a happy gal. Lol.

2. Our family help out each other.

We normally help each other out in washing the dishes, laundry, and taking out the trash, etc. Today is one of those days where I’m home late and on top of that, no one is around to help me.

3. Super thankful that I didn’t turn into a grouch…

…and spoil everyone’s mood. The cranky bug must be having its day off! This not being cranky means something special to me as my poor hubs & daughter normally will be at the suffering end of my grouch-mania. Yay!
Note: We give our closest family members our worst side sometimes, don’t we? Sigh. 🙁 *Repentful face.

But overall, a win for today! Thank you.