Can you see me smile? | poem

Can you see me smile? | a poem

Can you see me smile?

I try to smile harder, beneath the mask
I try to let you see, I love you
Beneath the mask, I offer you
A flower from my heart.

In a sea (of physical distancing) people, smiles shielded with 3-ply, 5-ply and what have yous masks, we can still be kind.
We can still love.
We can still smile at one another.
Because a smile comes from the heart.
And what’s from the heart, even if it can’t be seen in these strange times,
it can be felt.

Writer’s note:
I love this. My heart danced when I wrote this poem.
It started with an idea of trying to smile harder, trying to make my smile to be seen beneath my mask.
So, I drew a portrait of a woman wearing a mask. (Not of anyone in particular. I just used one of my photos as a guide.)
As I was drawing the portrait, with a quiet prayer in my heart, I asked, “Lord, what do You want me to say about this?”
The words came.

p.s. The phrase “a flower from my heart” was inspired by Pope Francis.

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