Be kind

Everyone needs to be shown kindness, cause frankly, sometimes it feels that there’s more hurriedness, meanness, and me-ness than there is kindness in our world.

You can be that change.

“We carry with us, as human beings, not just the capacity to be kind, but the very choice of kindness.”

10 quotes from Wonder that will inspire you to always choose kind

You can be kind by:

  1. Smiling
  2. Giving way
  3. Texting someone
  4. Calling someone (better)
  5. Meeting someone (best)
  6. Sending flowers
  7. Sending food
  8. Sending cards
  9. Writing love letters to strangers
  10. Holding the door open for someone
  11. Keeping the public toilet clean
  12. Putting away your phone when you are with someone (it’s a no-brainer way to make people feel that they matter in this digitalised world)
  13. Thinking of yourself less
  14. Genuinely compliment someone
  15. Listening when someone is talking
  16. Being present
  17. Clearing your tray after your meal
You'll never know how far kindness can travel. Click To Tweet

If we intentionally practice any of the above to be kind, and make kindness our way of life…

Just imagine the power of the kindness that you gave to another person, boomerang-ring around the world!

Wanna pray for someone? Prayer for different situations.

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