Be a celebrator of progress (and stop running yourself and others to the ground)
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Be a celebrator of progress (and stop running yourself and others to the ground)

I used to drive people to the ground.

I like turning ideas in my head into reality. When I have a vision in my mind—that’s my focus. That’s great for innovating, creating and getting-things-done.The flipside to this tendency though is I can be so driven to the point of being impatient.

Now, I’m learning to handle my expectations differently. To give thanks for the in-between steps of progression.

For those steps are the connectors that’ll take us from A to B.

Here are four wins when we celebrate progress

1. We’ll be kinder

When we harp on what we have fixated or idealised in our mind, we might have a tendency to be pushier. It’s neither encouraging nor helps someone or you to move forward. Who likes to be beaten up?

2. We’ll be an encourager

We might be oblivious to the progress someone has made because we are so focused on the result.

We equate arriving at the big win as the ultimate goal. Failing to recognise that steps that are taken in moving forward counts. And we might neglect to acknowledge the person who has made progress.

When we learn to give thanks and be happy for the now-steps, we encourage people to continue.

3. We get things done

We get things done too. Because by not focusing on all or nothing, we achieve more.

Let’s say we wanna get fitter, instead of obsessing over the goal, have a realistic plan and just focus on getting the day’s scheduled exercise done.

Then, focus on the next day, and the next. In fact, this is my operation plan now.

Let progress be the motivator to connect us to our goals.

4. We can rest better

We may be fighting for a cause or something to happen which seems impossible to be achieved in our lifetime.

Be a celebrator of progress. We could end up to be a better teacher, lover, friend, parent, boss, coach, husband, wife. 

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