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And the pace slows down

… And I feel God again.

2nd day of Boracay. The postcard-perfect getaway, so says the reviews.

Trying not to be ungrateful; for we had to go through some challenges to be able to take this holiday… But I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ until just now.

Yes, the sea is turquoise, the sand is white, the beer is cheap, the food is good, the weather is nice…
But deep inside, I’m not feeling excited, nor too joyful.

That is until 5:10 pm when I started reading “How to hear from God”.
On the beach, unplanned, music plugged in, people buzzing by.

Then it happened, the pace slows down. I see.
I see—with my heart.
And I felt tears welled up.
I felt peace. I felt joy. I felt God again.

Even for a short moment, I’m grateful.
Nothing can replace that.

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