An 11th wedding anniversary reflection: a marriage relationship with God in the centre.

“Don’t you have other topics to talk about than your boring Jesus?!” I half-commented, half-scolded my husband of two years then, when he talked about Jesus during our dates.

I warned him when he accepted Jesus Christ into his life that although I will support his decision, he has to leave me out of this ‘religion stuff’, bleah, I’m not interested.

My eyes were closed, so was my heart. I just couldn’t bear to hear anything about ‘His goodness’.

But God opened my eyes and heart eventually, and everything clicked into place. Everything.

Even when life is rough, there’s always this click with God in the centre. Click. Always feels right.

Fast forward 11 years later, and I can’t stop having Jesus in my conversations with my husband. It’s like every being of me is made from Him, and by Him—I can’t separate myself from Him.

Our conversations now almost always have a natural inclusion of God in it. Sounds weird to you, maybe.

But it has become our life, as natural as breathing—the depth of some of our conversations…real, raw, amazing, philosophical, and deep.

We talked through issues in our lives, our marriage, the people in our lives; we prayed, we forgave, we gently rebuked and nudged each other back on track—being careful to place God in the centre, and not—out of our lives.

With God in the centre, we are learning to place “we and you” instead of just focusing on “I” in our relationship.

For a marriage in a complex and delicate situation such as ours, without Christ in the centre, we’ll probably ‘make-do’ with a bad marriage at best, not wanting to take the divorce route.

But by both of us placing God first—by the Holy Spirit; by God’s grace—I’m beyond grateful for the turnaround in our marriage relationship.

“Do you remember how you used to scold me and call off our date when I talked about Jesus, and how you hated it?” asked my husband recently. “Yeah…”, I said, looking at him with a cheeky grin.” My eyes were closed, but now I can see.”

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