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All road leads to grief

22.11.2012 10:14am
I think I can understand why people get angry in challenging situations.

It’s one of the defense mechanism.

It’s an ‘easier’ feeling than to face the knife cuts of your heart.

Get angry, blame someone, blame God.

But where does that leads to?


In those times, who then can you rely on? But God and God alone.

So I chose not to entertain anger. I pray that I don’t fall into the devil’s trap.

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  • Nancy

    Agree with you Melinda…. but it is also through griefs that we are strengthened, molded and transformed for we give thanks in all circumstances for God said that all things happened for the good of those who loves Him.However, you are spot on, we shall not fall into Mr S.A. Tan’s deceiful delusion.
    Praise the Lord.

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