About writing crap and some life advice

About writing crap and some life advice

Now that I’m sticking my head out from my shell daring to say that I write, even putting myself into the category of being a writer—I gotta write.

Whether I’m inspired, in the mood, got something good to say—I gotta write. Every day.

Someone says that a writer gotta work out the writing muscles by writing anything from 300 words to 1000 words every day. I thought that’d be easy, the 300 words. Until I found out that most of the time, my brain thinks in short, lazy burst. A sentence or two is all I can muster. Handy for social media postings, deadly perhaps, for my blog.

I think my brain needs to go to a gym and get a personal trainer to whip it back into shape. It has morphed into this short attention span monster. No thanks to a diet of gadgets and information overload.

So, here I am. Sending my brain off to *Brainonomics Gym, watching proudly from afar like a proud mama as my brain gets its daily exercise by writing about anything. Crap even. It’s a necessary evil to avoid the trap of “being inspired.”

And sometimes, I allowed some of the rawness from the crap to be posted on my blog. Just to share with you that:
It’s ok to admit that you struggle.
Being inspired is not enough. You gotta be disciplined to do the work.
It’s ok. Not every work is a masterpiece. That’s what practice is for.

*By the way, this gym is fictional, folks. If you do start a business and used this name I’ve coined up, just send me a year’s supply of French butter croissant. Thank you very much.




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