I write for me. Is that a terrible thing to say? 

But in writing for me, I’m hoping there’s a “me” out there who resonates with what I’m writing.

I hope it’s you.

In writing for me, and so, for you; I can be honest. As is.

Real with what’s going on in life. And in our co-joined lives as peoples of the earth.

Why am I writing?

As I wrestle through problems in life, I find that below the surface of problems, lies deeper, inner issues with the soul. Undealt with. Hidden in the heart.

There are also struggles with what’s going on in our world. To people we know, or don’t know.

I know I’m not alone nor unique in these personal and external struggles.

It’s just that, in the hurriedness, in the hardness of life, we plough on and ignore what’s going on in our heart. Also, it’s hard to be real in a rubble of facades, isn’t it?

So, on my blog and the HopeMail newsletter, I write. About the ups and downs. Bringing what’s real to the light. To give it a voice. Allowing it to be heard, to be encouraged, to be healed. All to celebrate life and give glory to the One who gave life to us.

Creative expression through words and sketches is how I pour my heart and process my feelings; sorrows and joy. I hope through my writing, my words will connect with yours.

May my words be the lyrics to your song.

About me

If you are into personality tests thing: I’m an INTJ (changing more and more into INFP), Enneagram type 4, a D and C in the DISC personality. But as my wise advisers will say, “don’t let it define you.”

I always have thoughts in my brain running at high speed and often at each other. It sometimes drives me crazy, no, not literally.

I have a borderline sarcastic, dry humour kind of, er, humour. Though those close to me will attest to the level of borderline.

I can be poetic, crass, sentimental, mental, passionate, pessimistic, an intellectual, a doofus, sensitive and brutal all at the same time in one package.

Glad you’re here.


p.s. My writing won’t be your “10 ways to a better life” or “the secrets of being happy” kind of prescriptive content. Because—life is anything but prescriptive.

As I read your HopeMail, I feel like I am reading a chapter from a book of a best-selling author. The words are meaningful and expressed from the heart of the author and yet these words can relate to the readers to go deeper into their hearts and challenge them. Thank you for writing and using your gift so beautifully.

Kevin Hoi

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