Sharing lessons learnt in life

Overcoming challenges and living a full life one day at a time.

Hi, I’m Melinda. Glad to have you here!

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I share the lessons learnt in life. It’s a mixture of my life experiences and thoughts. Anything from overcoming life challenges, learning to be true to self, to living with an eternal perspective. Knowing that life on earth is not all there is.

And oh, practising to let go of control. To say “ah, well” when things don’t turn up the way I’ve expected.

Life is precarious. Life is short

As you may have experienced in your life, many things that we’ve planned didn’t happen. Circumstances changed. The loss of income, loss of loved ones, the death of a dream, the heartache of a relationship breakdown. Those things happened to me within a short period.

I write as a way to process what I’m going through. To share what I’ve learnt. And also to encourage others who might be going through tough times.

Life is uncertain, in good times or bad. Seriously, who knows what’s at the next corner of our lives?

But I believe we are not here on earth by accident. We have our purpose to fulfil. So while I’m navigating through the inevitable life challenges, I want to live life to the full too.

That’s why I’m keeping my eyes and hope on God. To look to Him for guidance and strength for my days.

I’m guided by these two life principles:

Life’s guiding principle 1:

To keep practising living an others-centred (vs self-centred) life.

We are naturally self-centred. I know, it’s not pleasant to admit that. But we are.

Given a chance, we’ll slip in “me! me! me!” wherever we can.

I know it’ll take the love of God for me and in me…and a lifetime of consistent practise to not be self-centred but others-centred.

Taking care of ourselves (or self-care) is different from being self-absorbed.

We do have to take care of ourselves, and our souls. Because we can’t give to others from an empty container.

So the difference between other-centredness and self-centredness is”self-care so that we can give to others” and “selfish-care to benefit no one but ourselves”.

Life is precious

Life’s guiding principle 2:

To be intentional in leaving behind loving relationships and beautiful memories.

I live my life knowing that when I leave this broken earth and people I love, nothing will last except memories. And nothing will last except the investment of love in their lives.

While I’m chugging along with life and its bumps, I redirect myself back on track by remembering what matters.

Live life well

The lessons learnt in life are mostly from my life challenges. And what I know to the best of my understanding and knowledge.

By doing this newsletter and website doesn’t mean I got my life together. And my writing won’t be your “10 ways to a better life” or “the secrets of being happy” kind of prescriptive content. Because—life is anything but prescriptive.

If you’re a Christian, I pray my writing will draw you closer to our Heavenly Father. To gaze at Him, in good times or bad. I am like you, being refined by Him.

If you’re not a Christian, I hope in His perfect time, you’ll get to know Him. And His heart for you. In times when you’re seeking some answers to life, or needing comfort and hope, I invite you to look to the direction of God. And know how much He loves you.

By sharing my lessons learnt in life, I hope to have more people (you who’s reading this!) along this journey of living life to the full. With purpose, in freedom, and having the adventure of their life; loving and serving others.

Wanna know my story? Read it on About Me.

p.s. This website and what I write about will continue to evolve

I’ve been writing online since 2008. Many things changed in a decade. Wrinkles, yes. Maturity, thank God. So have the topics of my writing.

It’ll evolve as I continue this work in progress journey. Of changing decades of false beliefs, breaking free from wrong thoughts, healing from hurts and relearning living.

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