Hey, I’m Melinda. A writer, artist and a dreamer whose favourite song is Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Obviously. Such a dreamer’s song.

Here, have a listen.

Eva Cassidy | Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I wasn’t a Christian for half my life, but I’m now a Christian, the one who “earnestly wants to follow Jesus but struggle, stumble, fall, get up again” kind of Christian.  

So, what else about me? 

If you are into personality tests thing, I’m an INTJ, a Choleric Melancholy, a high D and high C in the DISC personality. But as my wise advisers will say, “don’t let it define you.” 

I always have thoughts in my brain running at high speed and often at each other. It sometimes drives me crazy, no, not literally. 

I have a borderline sarcastic, dry humour kind of, er, humour. Though those close to me will attest to the level of borderline. 

I can be poetic, crass, sentimental, mental, passionate, pessimistic, an intellectual, a doofus, sensitive and brutal all at the same time in one package.  

I love Jesus. Have I told you that already? 


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