A Whatsapp conversation prelude to an extraordinary day.

Just a day after I decided to be more conscious of living live like my days are numbered, I had a taste of an extraordinary day! The day started with sadness though…an impending dread of knowing it is Mother’s Day the next day…

S: We can catch up anyway babe.
Me: Yeah, we can. But we meet for each other, not, to soothe me, ok. I don wanna be a ‘sucker’.
S: Of course for each other.
S: I was just going to say that I was thinking about this Mother’s Day thing and wondering how very difficult it must be for u.
S: Don’t tell me bout the “sucker” thing again pls.
S: Kinda offensive to our friendship. I love you.
Me: Oh my, I’m sorry.
S: I love you too.
S: Babe, we can come to u.
Me: What??
Me: My gosh, my eyes r swollen.
S: Anywhere.
Me: I’ll meet you. Lunch.
S: Just leaving the house now.
Me: Oh dear babe. Ok, I’ll change now. You are quite mad, you are.
S: Just do it. Less talk, more action.

Back home after what was supposed to be a lunch meet ended up a five hours unplanned conversation and fun!

Me: This is too crazy.
Me: I think what I wrote yesterday abt reminder to live like our days r numbered is happening.
Me: Let me tell u that today is a super extraordinary day.
S: Hahahhaha
S: Amen to that!
S: Love it!
S: Meant to be then…Embrace it.
Me: I never spent such a long time with a non-husband for years. Or, have I ever?
Me: And doing all these crazy unplanned things r just mad for me.
S: Hhahahahahahhahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahaahhahaha.
Me: Make flower bouquets for people!
S: Surrender.
Me: This is way crazy.
Me: Me, make flower bouquet. DIY is not my thing! Face palm
Me: U voodoo me, Miss S
S: God.
S: Not me.

Then, a guy friend sent me this message of encouragement.
You are and have been a great Mum, what transpired is NOT yr fault, pls realise that, it does not negate all yr effort, please!
U did yr job the best u could! Pls never think of yrself any less than that. I know u’ve put a lotta effort & u deserved to b acknowledged.

Kindest words at the most appropriate time, for a season of my life such as this.

The icing on the cake
Mother's Day giftHubs just came back from work at night. And surprised me with this lovely bottle with a Happy Mother’s Day wish. He said, “It’s tough being a mother, we can drink and celebrate together.” I said, “Yeah. Mine’s extra tough.” He said, “Yeah, that’s why the wine is 33% extra.” Lol!

The sadness is heightened with Mother’s Day, but there are also like one thousand blessings that have happened—just in one day.

And it has to do with simple things like—spur of the moment meeting with a friend; an inspired moment to make Mother’s Day flower bouquets to the mothers in my family; timely kind words. And a devoted husband who is equally sad about the family situation, but chose to lend his strength to me.

So, yeah, I’m sad today yet I’m so happy. It’s crazy. Good crazy. God kind of mysterious yet perfect kind of crazy.

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