Slow down so that you can move faster

As my lifestyle becomes increasingly hectic according to the normal definition – shuttling between two cities weekly to give support to mom on her cancer healing, building my business, my own family… Wanted to just vegetate inside the house this weekend.

I decided to give my daughter and her sleep-over friend a treat by taking them down to our pool. That, and I’m spending time anyway to read my bible. Kill two birds with one stone. It will be a nice change of environment.

With coffee in the flask, my iPhone- TuneIn radio and on, the pace slows down.

Time and again I find that when I stop pushing so hard and quiet down to saturate myself in God’s words, songs, Spirit… Answers came to me, I see the problem from a different perspective.

And it’s always exciting and very, very relieving to stop pushing but instead go to the centre of the storm and find peace, go with the wave and leverage with its force to nudge me forward.

I probably won’t be totally ‘cured’ from falling into the worldly trap of wanting to grab the control on my own, but I strongly know that I’m getting better with my Father patiently moulding me.

I’m thankful that He asked me to slow down so that I can move faster.

The Christian life is very much counter-intuitive. We can choose to live by His Words or by this world and its worldly ways.

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