Ringgggg…beep beep beep…hang on a sec…


“Sorry, lemme take this call,” said the person sitting across of you.

Beep beep beep…

“Just one minute, I’ll reply to this message quickly,” said the same person again.

By this time, the coffee has turned cold. So has the conversation. And a bit of your heart. That weird, sourly feeling of “this is normal, right?” This multi-tasking, here-not-here kind of life?

By this time, you probably wonder if it’s the prime minister or the CEO of a company is sitting in front of your friend/client/family instead, would your meeting be interrupted or distracted?

By this time, you might wonder, are you not important enough as a person to warrant a decent, be present conversation?

Or has this tech world of so-called connectivity changed us to be commonly rude? That, putting the person in front of you on-hold is okay.

What unspoken message are we sending out with our lifestyle habits? Even if we don’t mean it. Even if we do value the time of another person with us…and the person. But then again…do we? Is our action congruent with our mind?

Can you put the phone away in your pocket, or in your bag? Or if life and death depend on your instantaneous response, put it on silent but where you can see it, and shift your attention to now.

Give the gift of your attention and heart to the person in front of you, and to your time together.

Wanna change the world? Make a difference right where you are, with what you do.

Published by Melinda

Writer and artist. Ever learning.

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