10 questions to reflect on your past 100 days
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10 questions to reflect on your past 100 days

Make a date with yourself to reflect on your life. Here are ten questions to ask yourself and help you reflect on your past 100 days:


1. What is my current season? Is it winter? Things seem to be in hibernation, no growth. Autumn? Things are slowing down; somethings are falling away and apart. Spring? I see fresh beginnings, shaking off the cold of the winter. Summer? Things are thriving. More activities. There is a season for everything. Knowing your season may help you to identify what’s happening in your life.

2. How is my inner life? How is my soul? These two questions aren’t only meant to be asked on day 100 of the year! But, if you had just whizzed past the past three months without taking stock of your inner life, this is an excellent time to do so.

3. What is adding or subtracting to the well-being of my soul?

4. Generally, am I rested? Or am I hurried and harried?

5. What is contributing to #4? Have I taken intentional rest, externally (physical) and internally (mental)?

6. How is my relationship with the people in my family? Have I taken more than I give? Have I taken anyone for granted? You can also ask: how is your relationship with God?

7. How is my work life? Do I dread going to work? Am I happy doing what I’m doing? Am I using my gifts, talents, or labour for the betterment of others?

8. Have I set any 90 days (three months) goals and have I met my goals?

9. Taking stock of my life for the past 100 days, what can I stop doing? For example, it can be to stop depriving yourself from sleeping less than 7 hours.

10. Taking stock of my life for the past 100 days, what can I start doing? It can be allocating time to do something you love, a hobby, a creative passion, anything that is true to you.

You don’t have to rush to complete this by today. I’d suggest setting an appointment with yourself, mark a date in your calendar for this week or next, and enjoy the process of taking the time to take care of yourself by pausing to check your inner and outer world.

I pray that something beautiful will happen in your life through this exercise.




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