10 items in my ideal setting to write

Like a pianist with a regular ritual in practising his/her skill, here are the ten rituals items in my ideal setting to write.


  1. Quiet.
  2. Alone.
  3. With my laptop.
  4. Uncluttered table.
  5. Facing the window.
  6. A hot latte or tea on my left, partnered with a one-litre beer mug turned filtered water mug.
  7. Usually, no music when I’m writing…unless it’s a light piece of article like what I’m writing now.
  8. And music to go with the mood of the moment when I’m editing.
  9. Floppy fringe pinned up.
  10. Excessive fiddling with my thumbs while deep in thoughts.

20 days writing prompts. Day Six: The Space to Write

I need your suggestions:

Hi, readers, I’m on Day Six of this writing prompts exercise. And the peeps at WordPress Blogging University is asking me to ask you—what would you want me to write about?

Please drop me your suggestions in the Contact Me form below, and I’ll select one from the suggestion list to write for my Day 15. Thank you.

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