Why Steve Jobs pulled my heartstrings

It’s not merely about the iPhone. Of course how Steve Jobs & Apple made iPhone work, rocks my world.

Everything Steve Jobs do, it’s not merely adding a feature, it’s about changing how people use technology. It’s about changing how people live…in a way.
It sure does to mine.

My work productivity shoots up, I’m more organized, I’m more entertained, I’m connected (if I want to), during crisis- it made it so easy to group people together…etc…
Well, perhaps other devices, other companies can do it…but Steve Jobs & Apple does it BEST.

It’s the first to change my world, and it has changed my world. And I will always remember that among those good copycats followers.

Steve Jobs is crazy. And I love him for that. Crazy people dares to change the world. Crazy entrepreneurs that go beyond merely delivering a good product/service, fueled by a vision to bring a change…are one of those. Are you?

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